Three ways to improve the screening efficiency of your crushing line

May 22, 2024

When we are operating a crushing line, the screening efficiency is as important as the crushing efficiency which will affect the final output capacity. However, people always ignore the proper installation of the vibrating screen, which often results in low screening efficiency. Then, how can we make sure that we have installed the screening machine right? There are three key factors to check: tension level, feed chute distribution, and condition of the screen cloth supporting profiles. Next, we will share how to improve the screening efficiency of your crushing line through these three ways.


1. Tension levels

The tension level of the screen cloth should be set properly otherwise severe damage could happen during the screening process. For example, when the panel is not properly tensioned, the screen cloth could be torn apart. Also, the rubber panel will move against the supports on the screen deck, which results in severe wear. In order to solve these problems, we can reset the screen frame to the original height of the supports, reinstall the capping rubber on the top of the support, and finally set the tension. In this way, we can then guarantee that the screen cloth and rubber panel are in good working condition.

2. Feed chute distribution

Another important thing is the feed chute distribution, which should be theoretically set evenly during installation. For example, when the feed chute is mounted tilt on the right side, the right side of the screen will receive more feeding than the left side, which will decrease the screening efficiency of the vibrating screen. This situation could also happen when the vibrating screen machine is not fixed horizontally on the ground. Anyway, we have to make sure that the feed chute distribution is even during the screening process.

3. Condition of the supporting profiles

The third factor that affects the screening efficiency is the condition of the supporting profiles. Sometimes, the supporting files could have some deformation or damage, which will lead to material blockage during screening and further decrease the screening efficiency. Hence, It is important to check the supporting profiles and other supporting steel structures carefully and fix any damages in time.


 Ok, the above is all about the three factors that could affect the screening efficiency of your crushing line. A good tension level of the screen cloth, an even feed chute distribution, and stable supporting files are the three ways to increase the crushing efficiency of the vibrating screen machine.

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