How to design a crushing line for the metal mine?

April 10, 2024

All of us know that the metal mine provides important resources for our light and heavy industries. For example, the processed metal ores can be used in foundry industry to cast all kinds of metal articles in our daily lives. According to industrial purposes, metal mine can be divided into ferrous metal mine, non-ferrous metal mine, precious metal mine, radioactive metal mine, and rare metal mine. For all these kinds of metal mines, it is a must that we build a crushing line to process the original metal ores into specific sizes that could be used in following processing factories. Next, we will talk about how to build such a crushing line for two basic types of metal mines.


1. Limonite

Limonite is one of the main iron minerals. It is a brown natural multi-mineral mixture with hydrous iron oxide as the main component. But its iron content is not high and it is a secondary iron ore. The Limonite has been ascertained as having rich deposits in Lorraine in France, Bavaria in Germany, Sweden, and other places.

For those small Limonites, we can build a crushing line with three crushing steps plus one grinding steps to crush the original ores. The three crushing steps are respectively primary jaw crusher, secondary fine jaw crusher, and tertiary short-head cone crusher. After the crushing, we can choose a ball mill to finish the final grinding work.

2. Magnetite

Magnetite is a ferrimagnetic mineral produced in metamorphic ore deposits and endogenous ore deposits. It becomes hematite or limonite after oxidation and is the main raw material for iron-making. This kind of metal mine has been ascertained as having rich deposites in Russia, North America, Brazil, Australia, etc.

In order to process the original Magnetite ores, we usually need to build three crushing steps together with a grinding step to get refined iron material.For the three crushing steps, we can separately choose a primary jaw crusher, a secondary standard cone crusher, and a tertiary short-head cone crusher. As for the final grinding step, we can still rely on the ball mill to do the grinding work.


Ok, the above is all about how to design a crushing line to process original metal ores from metal mines. The above Limonite and Magnetite are just two common types of metal mines and the crushing line design are basic as well. When you are running other metal mines, you can make an adjustment on the basis of these basic crushing lines. For example, when you have a special request for increased capacity, we can just add the standard cone crusher or short-head cone crusher to the corresponding crushing stage. Till now, we have finished the introduction of crushing layout design for all the classic types of crushing lines including gravel crushing line, sand-making line, ceramic crushing line, and metal mine crushing line. In the following articles, we will continue to share knowledge about crushing line design.

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