Four types of jaw profiles, Which one is suitable for your jaw crusher?

May 15, 2024

As the most common character in the primary crushing stage, the jaw crusher always has a huge impact on the whole crushing line in the prospect of crushing efficiency, output sizes, and output granularity. To improve the performance of your jaw crusher, one of the most important things is to choose a suitable type of jaw profile. Generally speaking, there are four common types of jaw profiles on the market including standard, thickened, supper grip, and coarse corrugated. In the following, I will share with you the advantages and applications of these four types of jaw profiles.


1. Standard Jaw Profile

The standard jaw profile often comes with a flat teeth design and a normal thickness. It is an ideal choice for your jaw crusher when the crushing material features easy crushability and low abrasiveness. On the one hand, the standard type is easy to manufacture with a relatively low cost. On the other hand, it shows enough ability in breaking the feeding material. That is to say, it can help lower the cost while performing high crushing performance.

2. Thickened Jaw Profile

The thickened jaw profile is an upgraded version of the standard jaw profile, which has thicker teeth than the standard type. Because of this, it is suitable for handling material with hard crushability and high abrasiveness. Compared to the standard type, it will have a longer service life and help lower maintenance costs.

 3. Sharp Jaw Profile

The sharp jaw profile features tines and can be seen very often on the market. It’s sharp teeth provide higher surface pressure and can easily initiate a crack to the rock. Sometimes we can see the slippery feed material just jumping up and down the chamber and not going through. That is the result of poor grip and it reduces the capacity of the whole plant. Under this condition, we will need jaw plates with sharp jaw profiles. However, the sharp jaw profile is not a good choice when handling material with extremely hard crushability and high abrasiveness because it will wear out quickly.

4. Coarse Corrugated Jaw Profile

The coarse corrugated jaw profile perfectly leveraged the crushing performance between the service life and grip force. Compared to the flat type, it has better grip force. Compared to the sharp type, it performs a longer service life. So, it is an ideal choice for your jaw crusher when handling material with medium or high crushability, and medium or high abrasiveness.


 Ok, the above is all about the four types of jaw profiles commonly used on jaw crushers. For each type of jaw plate, it has its distinctive features and advantages, which make it suitable for different applications. For example, if you are crushing gravel with easy crushability and low or medium abrasiveness, we recommend the super grip or standard jaw to achieve the optimal result. If it is hard and abrasive feed material, it is ideal to choose a jaw profile that has design factors that withstand heavy wear. For example, a jaw profile with more wear-resistant manganese steel and a flat tooth profile are good options to consider when the feed material is very wearing. If you don’t know how to choose the most suitable type, you can contact us for suggestions.

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