How to maintain the hydraulic system of the cone crusher?

June 05, 2024

To run your hydraulic cone crusher efficiently and safely, It is always important to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic system. The ore processing often produces a lot of dust, which may enter the hydraulic system and pollute the hydraulic oil. Also, some water infiltrates into the hydraulic system and pollutes the hydraulic oil when the hydraulic system is not well protected. Once the hydraulic oil is polluted, the hydraulic system will be affected and fail to carry out its expected function, which further affects the running of your cone crusher and even cause irreversible damage. So, We have to maintain the hydraulic system of our cone crusher to prevent potential damages and guarantee normal crushing work. Below are the five main ways to maintain the hydraulic system:


1. Select the right hydraulic oil

 It is important to select the appropriate hydraulic oil according to the requirements of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher manufacturer. If there are special circumstances that require the use of other hydraulic oils, it is best to communicate with the manufacturer first, and then select the hydraulic oil that is closest to the requirements of the hydraulic system. Do not mix it with other hydraulic oils of different brands otherwise unexpected damage to the hydraulic system could happen.

2. Add clean and enough hydraulic oil

When adding hydraulic oil to the hydraulic system, it must be strictly filtered with a clean oil filter before adding it to the hydraulic cylinder. The amount of oil added must fill the system pipelines and machine components, and remain within the range specified by the oil standard.

3. Clean the hydraulic system

Before the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is put into use, the components, pipelines and other systems of the hydraulic system need to be thoroughly cleaned, and the worn parts must be replaced and repaired.

4. Replace the hydraulic oil

During operation, check the quality of the hydraulic oil regularly and replace the oil if it’s polluted with too much impurities or water. Here we have a tip for replacing the hydraulic oil: replace the hydraulic oil immediately after the shutdown of the cone crusher. This is because the hydraulic oil is still hot at that time, and the waste oil and precipitate can be easily excluded fully.

5. Use an air filter

In order to prevent other foreign objects from entering the oil tank, it is best to use a closed oil tank device and configure an air filter with a certain accuracy at the entrance.


Ok, the above is all about how to maintain the hydraulic system of your hydraulic cone crusher. If we can get all of these work done completely, we can then enable our cone crusher to run safely and efficiently.

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