How to get your cone crusher a correct feeding?

June 19, 2024

As a secondary crushing tool, sometimes even if your cone crusher is in full-load production, it still feels that the capacity is not high enough. In other words, it cannot meet the nominated capacity. Under this condition, you may need to check if the feeding step is done well because the feeding can always affect the output capacity based on our experience. In the following, we will share with you how to get your cone crusher a correct feeding so as to improve the output capacity and meet with the nominated as well.


1. Choke Feeding

The choke feeding often refers to the fact that the cone crusher should get around 80 percent of the maximum feeding. If your cone crusher is fed not enough, the product particle shape and product rate will also fluctuate. For example, the cone crusher running in the half cavity has unsatisfactory products in terms of grading, needle shape, and flaky shape. When we set the feeding, we should try to ensure that the cone crusher runs in full cavity to obtain better throughput and particle shape.

2. Even feeding

The feed drop point needs to be aligned with the center point of the cone crusher feed port. When feeding, it is best to use a vertical guide plate to guide the feed drop point to the center of the cone crusher feed port. Otherwise, once the drop point is not at the center, one side of the crushing cavity is full of material while the other side is empty or less, which will cause lower crusher throughput, more needle-like products, and oversized product particle size. In addition, uneven feeding can easily lead to a situation where large-size stones are concentrated on one side and small-size stones are concentrated on the other side. As a result, it is easy to cause blockage and will affect the service life of the adjustment ring.

3. Not Too High Feeding

For cone crushers, the height of the material falling from the feeding equipment to the feed port should not be too high. If the feeding height is too high, the stone tends to rush into the crushing chamber at high speed, causing an impact load on the crusher, and the crushing force that exceeds the design limit.


Ok, the above is all about the three ways to improve the feeding condition of your cone crusher. If you can make all these right, then there will be an obvious increase in the capacity. Except for the feeding, there are also other factors that could affect the capacity of your cone crusher as well. We will also share with you in the following article.

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