What information do we need to know before starting our own crushing production line?

February 21, 2024

According to the crushing material type, different requirements have different equipment selections and configurations, resulting in different designs of crushing production lines. Reasonable design of production lines allows customers to optimize investment and output. Then, do you know what information is needed before starting a new crushing production line? Usually, we will help our customers collect the below information first to help them finish the crushing production liner design and choose the most suitable crusher equipment and device.

Define your crushing production line type

Before starting the production line, the first thing is that you have to figure out which kind of production line you want to build. Based on the physical properties of raw materials, customer requirements for production line capacity, product particle size and shape, customer investment and return analysis, and other factors, the production lines are divided into the following categories:

1. Granite Crushing Line

2. Limestone Crushing Line

3. Bubble Crushing Line

4. Ceramic Mine Processing Line

5. Metal Mine Processing Line


Define the crushing material property

At this stage, you have to figure out the physical properties of raw materials. You just need to tell us your crushing material type and corresponding environmental conditions, then we will know the hardness, toughness, moisture level, mud content, and maximum feeding size of the raw material. For example, if your raw material is Granite stone, the hardness should be 6-7, the compressive strength is 121MPa, and the natural density is g/cm³. As for the rest moisture level, mud content, and maximum feeding size, we can also know based on the pictures provided by customers.

Define your expectations for the crushing line

The second important thing we have to figure out before starting the crushing line is to investigate customers’ expectations for the crushing line. It mainly includes below points:

1. Total output capacity: Generally, how many tons of materials are crushed per hour is the standard

2. The granulation request of the final product: The percentage content of needles and flakes allowed in the product. The needles mean the length of the particle is greater than 2.4 times the particle size, and the flakes mean the thickness is less than 0.4 times the average particle size.

3.Product classification request: Such as 0~5mm, 5~15mm, 15~25mm, 25~40mm, etc.

Define other factors

Except above three technical things, we also have to consider other factors like power supply, local environmental policy, and others. Because these factors sometimes have a big effect on the whole project. For example, there is a severe power supply problem in some African areas, considering this, we have to solve this problem in advance before we start the crushing production line.


Ok, the above is all about what information we have to know before starting our own crushing production line. With all this done, next, we can easily choose the most suitable crushing equipment and devices for our crushing production line. In the following articles, we will introduce the most common types of crushing production line design.

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